12.27.15 -  

CIO Magazine recently named Fitnet as one of the top 12 Must-See Devices for Fitness and Sports Enthusiasts for its biometric sensor scoring, workout scheduler, trackers and real, live trainers. Check out the list in its entirety here. 

2.23.15 -  

Using its cloud-based GPS and driver behavior technology, Azuga Fleet recognizes the safest fleet drivers and managers in the U.S. as part of its Social Telematics initiative. View all of the winners of the Q1 2015 Azuga Safe Driver Awards in Fleet News Daily and Fleet Management Weekly.

2.18.15 -  

A #makenews shoutout to AR|PR client Bastille on their great feature in Hypepotamus! The article highlights the need to secure the Internet of Things (IoT), Bastille's funding and launch, and ends with the statement "Be on the lookout for Atlanta's own Bastille to make a big impact in 2015 and beyond." Read more. 

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Millennials and Media – It’s our Thing.

Let’s start this post out with a little quiz about what you did over the weekend. Did you go to the movies? Did you curl up on the couch, catch up on your favorite TV shows while drinking a latte from your favorite coffee shop? How about reading a book or the news on your smartphone or tablet? Well, if you’re part of the Millennial generation, statistics show you most likely did one or more of the actions listed above. (I know I did). And, you probably spent some money on it too. A lot of money.  


#MakeNewsies: Why Millennials Are the Unions of Years Past

Last week I had the privilege of attending a performance of “Newsies” with my wife at Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre. My grandfather, a child of an era just shortly after this story takes place, but a person who faced many similar trials and tribulations as those presented within, first introduced me to the “Newsies” when I was 8 or 9 years old. I give a lot of credit to the “Newsies” for igniting my lifelong fascination with the newspaper, and the newspaper industry in general. The story also epitomizes why I admire early 20th Century American culture, for its dichotomy of simplicity and challenge, and ultimately the persistence and perseverance of its people.